To celebrate Philip joining the practice of Austin Retina Associates in Texas as a retina surgeon (after eleven years of medical training!), we took a family trip to the challenging Wind River Range of Wyoming right before he started the job of his dreams!

Spiritual Gangsta that I am, I set up meditation camp in a tiny log cabin in Pinedale, and drove Porter and Philip to their trailhead at Elkhart Park, where they commenced a week of backpacking, first into a blizzard.

It was so windy in the Winds that Porter had to hang onto his seventh chakra!

For the rest of the week, with Island Lake as basecamp (one-pound green tent in the center below), they sloshed all night on melting snow and hiked all day, to Titcomb Basin, Upper Jean Lake, and other highly inaccessible destinations.

Amber and I meditated, practiced yoga, and sent good vibes toward the Winds.

May you all traverse your own mountains inner and outer for the benefit of all beings.

48 comments on “WIND RIVER RANGE of WYOMING

  1. What a great trip and classy way to launch a career! ! I spent 10 days in the Titcomb Basin in 1973 or so. Lovely.

    • Sallie, how wonderful that you spent 10 days in the Titcomb Basin! You truly have been to all the most beautiful spots!

  2. Oh my Gail – what a fantastic way to celebrate Philips 11 years of medical training as a family. Give him our congratulations!!

    • Sally, it means a lot to us that you enjoy them! We think of you often and hope all is fabulous with you!

  3. Great pictures of the 3 of you…and the scenery was gorgeous too.
    Thank you for sending. Took my mind off of my day-to-day stuff. I loved the reprieve.

    • Jean, thank you, and yes, we’re glad that you know The Winds! Someone there told me it felt like the new Himalayas.

  4. Wow what a gorgeous spot .

    A wonderful way to celebrate such a big transition

    Quite an accomplishment for Phillip


  5. Congrats to Philip! How exciting!! And how handsome the two men in your life are! (And you look pretty amazing, too!)

    • Brenda, thanks very much! I’m so lucky to have two such handsome, wonderful men in my life, and am glad you have yours, including the latest one, Max!

  6. Great for Porter, great for you, great for Philip! Glad to have him in Austin. That part of Wyoming is one I haven’t traveled, but I love Wyoming. Fished the North Platte in several places! Glad you are really on the mend!

    • Thank you, Bryan, and are glad to know you’ve experienced the beauty of Wyoming! Love to you and Cheryl from Porter and me.

  7. What a wonderful adventure! Thank goodness dad didn’t lose his chakra 🙂 Thanks for all your work making the trip happen. Love you tons!

    • Philip, what a glorious adventure with you! You’ll see in the comments below so many congratulations to you on your new job and the launch of your practice as a retina surgeon! We love you and are so proud of you!

  8. Don’t know which is best, the beautiful scenery of Wyoming or Gail between her two guys. Can’t imagine how cold that may have been at times. Hoping you are still on the positive recovery route. Some of your cooler weather just blew into Fort Worth this evening. Va snd I are sending positive thoughts your way. And with our love, Alex

    • Virginia and Alex, Thank you, and glad cooler weather blew into Fort Worth! Yes, I’m definitely on my positive recovery route, just passed my 10th anniversary of open heart surgery and feeling great!

  9. Hi Gail. Posted comment yesterday and see it did not get to you. Perhaps the very strong winds blowing north to south. Our thought was we enjoyed your pics and post, and wished you the very best. Love, V&A

    • Thank you, Virginia and Alex, the winds blew both of your posts in today! Porter and I wish you the very best too! Love, Gail and Porter

  10. Love seeing those smiling faces and delighted that you are once again out and about enjoying such beautiful spots!

  11. Oh Gail, what beautiful pictures you have of the Elkheart Windy range up in Wyoming!! Who knew there were so many incredible views to saok in and enjoy! I love the sight of the little green tent in the center of the amazing picture of the mountains and the lake. What a marvelous location and I’m sure Philip and Porter had a arduous yet rewarding climb up those mountain sides.

    Congratulations to Philip and his accomplishment becoming retina eye surgeon in Austin! I truly loved Austin from 77′-80′, as went there frequently to get away to a town that I could relate to (like my own home town of Madison, WI). I had earned a golf scholarship to Texas A&M and played in 3 NCAA’s. (back then it was called AIAW-American Intercollegiate Athletics for Women). But, whenever I could I zoomed over to Austin to swim in lake Travis, visit the Catfish parlor, Barten springs, and enjoy the music, sights, and sounds down by 3rd street . Great memories! Keep those posts coming dear friend! We all love sharing in your journey’s and seeing Amber too!

    • Andrea, thanks so much for your wonderful comment including all your own adventures in Austin! You never cease to amaze me with how well traveled and accomplished you are! Much love!

    • Jane, thank you so much, and it’s wonderful to hear from you! Hope all is fantastic with you and your own adventures!

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