Continental Divide Trail #26: High Ridges and Wildflowers

Og (aka Porter) has been hiking in the Mount Massive Wilderness of the Sawatch Range, the Holy Cross Wilderness, the Gore Range and the Ten Mile Range high over Copper Mountain and Breckenridge. I’ve been climbing a few miles with him, then down again solo. In these sections, the Continental Divide Trail has overlapped with the Colorado Trail.

The wildflowers are out in full force!

The ridges he’s walked are above 12,000 feet.

The views this high are spectacular.

Amber would rather read about hiking than do it, however. Sitting in a chair carved from a tree trunk is plenty outdoorsy for her.


26 comments on “Continental Divide Trail #26: High Ridges and Wildflowers

  1. Wishing both of you continued happy trails! (Mentally singing Roy Rogers’ and Dale Evans’ song. Which will probably reverberate in my brain all day.)

    • Thanks, Rosita! The air indeed is brisk and embracing, although Og had to wear all of his clothes at the top of some of those ridges, with winds so high it was hard to stay standing!

  2. I am thrilled that Porter is now trekking through Colorado with no more equipment eating bogs, and endless snow fields. Glad that you two can do part of the trail together. GO PORTER… GO OG! Is that where is trail name is from? He’s gone backwards to finish the CDT?

    • Thank you, Pat! Porter will get a kick out of OG as backwards for GO, even though that’s not exactly how he got his trail name! Hope you’re having a marvelous summer!

  3. CDT is out in all its glory to welcome you both (and Amber too). Given the many travails of this trek, these photos almost seem as a respite (I am sure that’s not really the case though).

  4. Beautiful pictures! LOVE reading about your adventures. Being more a Spring/Summer enthusiast, and a lot like Amber than you two vital human being, I admire all you do to defy gravity. The carved tree chair screams my name. I would be right there with little Amber. xoxo

  5. Loved the photo of you two and the signs behind indicating the overlap of trails. What a wonderful adventure you are on, scaling the highest peaks and beautiful mountains out our back door! I definitely have a bit of “Amber” in me as well 🙂 She looked very content in that fantastic chair carved out of an old tree. I also enjoyed the photo of the steep mtn. face and challenging trail winding across the peaks above the tree line. Thanks for the pictures Gail (and Og 🙂 What a fabulous time to be scaling the mtn’s and heading North on your quest together. May your skies be clear and travels safe and full of smiles. Love, A

  6. Dear Gail,

    The views are breathtaking — and you three ( Amber included) are looking exceptionally well!

    Love as always (as well as early happy birthday wishes) —


  7. Happy fantastic birthday, girlfriend! I hope you’re doing something special, and I can’t wait to celebrate with you on your return. Love you!

    • Thank you, dear Sue! I had a wonderful birthday dinner with Porter in Frisco after picking him up at the Grays Peak trailhead. And thank you for sharing such beauty and love yourself!

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