Our latest adventure took us to Moab, Utah to bike on our tandem and hike the canyons and mesas of its spectacular red rock landscape.  Gail and Porter bike the Moab Canyon Pathway past Arches National Park

On our hike of Great Pyramid Loop at Dead Horse Point Park, Porter contemplates the importance of lunch.

Gail at Landscape Arch.  Arches National Park has more than 2,000 arches, natural bridges formed by running water but gradually deconstructing due to gravity and erosion.

Amber exhausted herself studying so many biking and hiking maps that she opted to stay in bed instead.

As it turned out, she’d made a wise decision. We got caught in snow and sleet while climbing slickrock.


26 comments on “MOAB TO HIKE AND BIKE

  1. Always fun: Arches, in the “off season” or weekdays. Hidden Valley trail south of town is fun-petroglyphs to find…..stop by Grand Junction and sign books during one of these outings, OK? Grand Valley Books is independent-but there are others. Enjoy! Rattlesnake Arches is worth a try when the park is too busy (it is west of here, in Black Ridge canyons wilderness)

      • It was hot when we were there but for some reason was mostly Europeans.
        Are you never going to sit by the fireside and knit? You two are earth wanderers
        in the truest sense of the word.

  2. All I can say is thank God you both have very good knees! As I recuperate from knee surgery, it hurts to think about all you do. Years ago Porter talked about staying vital in life. You have both done that with extraordinary grace! ❤️

    • Sallie Ann, you and Bob are a continuing inspiration to us in the vitality department! You amaze us with your great and generous work in the Dominican Republic.

  3. Oh, I love the natural beauty of that area–but I’d pass on the sleet and snow! But I know you two are tough and will have the right gear (Porter Designs). It won’t be long now until the BIG WALK begins from Colorado border to Colorado border. I’m looking forward to the reports!

    • Tom, fortunately there was a snack stand not far from the beginning of the Great Pyramid Loop, otherwise we wouldn’t have survived the fairly long hike! ;-D

    • Luckily we have great rain gear. Although the temperature dropped so suddenly on our hike to Delicate Arch we had to work to stay warm! Happy Birthday, Jody!

  4. You guys are the greatest! So I think you must be related to Trevor Storey, the newest star kid on the Rockies’ roster…

    I remember a wonderful trip I took to Arches, back in the 80s. What a beautiful place. Magical.

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