Continental Divide Trail #2: Getting Ready!

Preparing for our six-month Continental Divide Trail adventure is one of the most challenging parts of the whole journey! Porter has planned his route from the Mexican to the Canadian border, applied for camping permits in Glacier and Yellowstone, made or customized most of his ultralight gear, downloaded the map apps on both of our cell phones, and much more. This 11-second video shows him getting ready to figure out and bag portions of food for breakfasts, snacks, lunches, and dinners. And this is just the first installment, like maybe a week’s worth?!

Gail gets her hair styled to clean the floor

We’re both full speed ahead on getting our house, landscape, finances, and every aspect of our lives in order. My preparations range from car maintenance to hotel reservations to packing to getting my hair done to cleaning the house, especially sweeping chia seeds off the floor.

Amber prepares for CDT






Amber is busy packing her own food supplies, consisting entirely of chocolate bars.


 Continental Divide Trail, here we come!

10 comments on “Continental Divide Trail #2: Getting Ready!

  1. Amber has the right idea! Chocolate — and lots of sunscreen and moisturizers! Meanwhile, I sense another book at the end of this trail!!

  2. I love how you and Porter are including us on this trip! Hooray for technology. Interesting to see the amount of food a human being needs for a period of time. Esp the chocolate -that’s about 1.5 month supply for me :). Best wishes. Your hair looks marvelous too!

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