24 comments on “Thanksgiving Blissings…

  1. How wonderful to be reminded of the importance of a pumpkin pause to be thankful on thankfulnesses namesake day! May your pies be on the table and in the sky……

  2. I love the “pumpkin pause” and the “Thanksgiving Blissings”! Touched my already crisp and bright day a little more, and provided a nice chuckle. Thanks for sharing this snippet of your delightful humor.

  3. Could you look more fabulous than with your new “do,” and wide-eyed smile??!! THANKFUL we are for friends, inspiration, and this season of many comforts. Happy Thanksgiving!! Love and HUGS, “JOYD”

  4. Wow—the panoramic views of the mountains and woods are simply breath-taking! Cooped up as I am in suburbia, I’ve forgotten how glorious nature can be—something to be truly thankful for. I am also thankful for your glorious friendship and hope that you & Porter both had a splendid Thanksgiving! Love, Brenda

  5. The video made me miss you so badly! I love you both. And the short bangs become you! A beauty! Love, Julie, Lee, Sophia, and Abby, all of whom are well!

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