In June 2018, our son and his triathlete friend Constantine joined us on the Bicycle Tour of Colorado, a strenuous multi-day ascent and descent through the Rockies. Here are our son, Philip, Porter, and Constantine in Leadville at the start.

From Leadville, the guys biked to Aspen and Carbondale, but on the way we were hit with a blowing snowstorm at the top of Independence Pass, 12,095 feet. Following the route in the car, I rescued Porter and two other cyclists and their bikes on the icy descent. The next day, they biked 9% grades over McClure Pass from Glenwood Springs to Delta.

The toughest day, though, was the long ascent up the 11,332-foot Grand Mesa. I reached the top in the car only to find Porter and other BCT cyclists severely dehydrated, so refilled many of their water bottles from the gallon jugs I’d brought along.

We celebrated survival over dinner at El Tapatio, where I had a jumbo margarita to settle my trail-angel nerves. 

Amber had a pink-hair-raising ride home, but all’s well that ends well. 
Hope you’re enjoying summer with your own jumbo margs!



  1. Hurray for another adventure well done! There should be a rule that all adventures end with a jumbo margarita! xo

  2. Frank Troy says:

    Great post, Gail. Thank you, and congratulations to all three cyclists for their amazing accomplishments.

  3. Ellen Ross says:

    Well another great adventure! Always impressed.

    • Thanks, Ellen, and we’re impressed with your own pursuits and the important posts on your FB, particularly the recent one sharing accurate information about the current immigration travesty.

  4. Was this part of the Haute Route tour? We watched the take-off from Boulder.

    • No, not part of the Haute Route tour, although except for the snow/sleet/hail storm on Independence Pass, it was certainly HOT–above 100 degrees the other times.

  5. Thanks for sharing this COLORADO HIGH adventure Gail!! Love all your tales.

  6. I’m thinking Amber has the most fun. Pink hair and NO responsibilities except to be Amber. I want to be her!!!
    That said, I’m glad you guys are out doing your thing.

  7. Wow! You all just keep on chuggin. Hats off to Porter for keeping up with the young bucks. Awesome.

    • Thanks, Sara! Porter amazes me and the young bucks too. Not to mention he outfits them with bikes, gear and clothes so they basically just show up to ride, LOL! Hope your summer is going splendidly!

  8. Jill Hyde says:

    WOW, what an adventure! Never a dull moment. Hope your trail-angel nerves have settled and that Amber has recovered too! Love your storytelling.

  9. Hey, or hay, just like horses, those bikes need to be taken out and ridden, or they forget how to act! Grand that we can always count on new crazy, tortuous escapades journaled here. And, indeed, a well-supplied trail angel with a wacky pink-haired sidekick is worth her weight in gold, or maybe this year in morel mushrooms (we’re getting so many from last year’s fire areas, I’m quite ODed).

    Safe summer journeys, more megamargs (YA!), and big hugs,

  10. Sallie Greenwood says:

    Good for you! Another adventure accomplished with style and grace.

  11. Julainne Biehl says:

    That is one I really cannot conceive doing at any age. I wondered how you could do it also until I read bout the car trailing behind. Bravo!

    • Julianne, yes, with the car I get to enjoy the journey and do a bit of hiking without grinding up those hills! Today, Porter and I biked on our tandem to a coffee shop in another town, what we call our “Croissant Challenge,” more my speed! Hope you’re having a great summer.

  12. Brenda Liebling-Goldberg says:

    As always, I am totally in awe!

    Love to all three of you —

  13. Donna Bonetti says:

    It sounds like you had a great time! I love that area. Ken and I camp near there most summers.

  14. You are a true “trail angel.” You not only look after your own, but others as well.
    BTW- always love Amber’s pink hairdo.💕

  15. Andrea Welch says:

    So happy to hear that all is well after your challenging 4 day adventure. Thank heavens you had the foresight to bring extra gallon jugs of water to the bicyclists!! You are truly an Angel, and on top of that it was your birthday on Sunday too, Happy belated birthday dear friend!! I hope you have recovered from all of the challenges over the weekend. I love the shot of you and Porter at the top of McClure pass. But, the giant margarita and the cozy booth with delicious food and smiles for all, really warmed my heart 🙂 Amber was right, all’s well that ends well. Glad you are back home safe. Thanks for sharing your amazing experiences. Love, Andrea

  16. Deb Parsons says:

    Hi, congrats to all for completing the tour and having some fun along the way!

  17. Dear Gail,

    So glad you continue to write your tale of adventure! I’m ‘back’ from working else for the last almost 3 years, and so happy to see Amber, you, Porter, Philip and gang. That sounds like an intense trip and glad you were there to give the gift of water. You remain the most beautiful trail angel!

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