GDMBR #12: Say Yes to Everything. Colorado!

Porter got so sick in the Grand Teton National Forest that I drove him ten hours from northern Wyoming to a Colorado Kaiser Urgent Care clinic open late. Abdominal x-rays didn’t show anything definitive, so I drove him the rest of the way home to see what would happen next. 

We took heart from the comments so many of you made on our previous post, about why we’re doing this, and a few days later were able to drive back out. We’d completed the rest of Wyoming from the Great Basin north earlier this summer, so have just the 701 miles in Colorado to go. The weather in the mountains is already turning colder. Driving over Rabbit Ears Pass in a scary ice storm, we figured we’d better go on and finish the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route a.s.a.p.  Porter biked and I hiked over aptly named Inspiration Point in a cold rain. 

It was cold but sunny when we met up at Boreas Pass at 11,482 feet. 

We’re learning to say Yes to everything–to the flow of Nature in our being. Yes to getting sick and yes to getting well, grateful for the body’s way of knowing how to heal. Yes to the changing landscapes of the wilderness and the heart. Yes to storm clouds building in the blue, blue sky. 

Yes even to the vicissitudes of bike mechanics. “Move that thingamajig to the left of the doohickey and whack it with the whatchamacallit,” Amber advises Porter. Yes, yes, yes. 


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  1. Gail and Porter,
    I’m so glad Porter is ok! See you guys in 701 miles. Can I borrow Amber? I need a few things fixed around the house. She’s good! Take good care both of you! Always thinking about you, Pam

    • Pam, LOL, Amber would love to help you fix a few things around the house, especially if you can give her some of your superb personal training and nutrition help to get rid of a few cupcake pounds and strengthen her core! She would do bird-dog on the FitBall except she keeps rolling off.

  2. Sorry about Porter’s illness, hope it’s vanished forever. Love Amber’s good advice, and your posts, Gail. Best to the three of you.

    • Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Frank! Porter is completely recovered. I got that awful stomach virus after Porter did, which was oddly reassuring that it was “just” a virus and not something worse. You’re so kind to read and respond to our posts. All best to you too!

  3. Love Amber’s “vicissitudes of bike mechanics” and so glad to hear Porter is no longer sick. Alan was sick too for 5 days on the trail, but no one to transport him out. Yes!! to the body’s way of knowing how to heal!

    Alan hiked into East Glacier Park Tuesday evening after 25 miles – 5 miles of that through a blow down! They’re closing in on the northern terminus of the CDT!! WOOHOO!

    It was slow going through a big blow down. Clambering over and crawling on hands and knees under an estimated 400+ fallen or partially downed trees!! All the while hoping not to dislodge a tree – to be hit by it or get one of their limbs (no pun intended) caught, wedged or pinched! Sometimes having to remove their backpacks. Sketchy stuff for sure! (Someone told them later that a previous hiker counted that number of 400+ trees across the trail!!)

    Always wonderful to find notification of new posts in my in-box Gail.
    You all are rock stars!!
    Ina Sue

    • Ina, WOW, huge congratulations to Frost on making it into East Glacier–we have such happy memories of that town from our CDT adventure! But blow downs are awful–so hard to get through! We’re pulling for him as he makes it to the northern terminus–he’s going to make it, for sure! You and Frost are rock stars too!

  4. You guys surely hang together thru thick (trees) and thin (air). Just 701 miles to go doesn’t seem like a cake walk, even though it is you three doing them. Hope weather holds for 702.

    • Dean, thanks, and your photos from your hike are through-the-roof gorgeous. We love keeping up with you on Facebook. Porter is doing great. You know about Colorado weather in the mountains, though!

  5. You are the strongest exceptional human beings on earth! You keep on keepin’ on no matter what the stumbling blocks are. Born survivors who test God-given skills and drive each and every day. I am so glad Porter is now well. It is hard to imagine either one of you sick. Perhaps it was a little reminder that we all have a fragile side, so pay attention to that. You take such beautiful care of each other. That, alone, inspires all who feel your magic.

    • Sallie Ann, your response touches us deeply, particularly since you and Bob have long been and continue to be such beautiful models for us for a loving marriage. And together you two do such good in the world! You’re so right it’s important to recognize we have a fragile side. So much is beyond our control that we try to do the best we can in any situation. Much love, we cherish your friendship deeply!

  6. “Just 701 miles to go”! JUST?!?!? Amazing dedication to this ride and stamina to do it. Hats off (or should it be “hat’s off”?)

    • LOL, Claire, it does sound a bit crazee to say just 701 miles to go! Speaking of hats off, Porter got a terrific big Resistol hat at the famous F.M. Light and Sons in Steamboat Springs–I made him buy it as a male version of a tiara for succeeding so well on this adventure! I’m guessing Ral has a great cowboy hat as well.

  7. You know, I worry about you guys out there miles from everything. Take care.
    On the other hand, I admire the fact that you are doing exactly what you love to do.

    • Thanks, Jerrie, the risks feel worth it. Another thing we’re observing is how many people, often older people, live really far from medical help, which is heartbreaking.

  8. No man ever had a better partner on the trail, Gail. With all you do on these marathon adventures, you must have developed major self-confidence in how to keep moving when the going gets tough. I am so impressed! It must have been scary for Porter to be so sick. I hope whatever caused it is gone forever. He pushes himself so hard and has exceeded the boundaries of so many. He is amazing, but then you know that. Thinking of you two as you push through the days ahead to wrap up this year’s big accomplishment! I know you’ll make it! xoxo

    • Rosemary, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It was scary for Porter to be so sick, and as he said afterwards, all his work in hospice makes him think about all kinds of illness possibilities that wouldn’t even occur to the rest of us! He does have a lot of bounce-back, though.

    • Linda, thanks so much, and thanks for following our adventures! Porter and I both send our warm wishes to you. We hope your own summer continues to go well. We love following you on FB. Love the photo of the gypsy moths mating!!

  9. that was a scare. good luck. It is an early fall in the mountains. I have been cold ever since I came. Julianne

    • Julianne, yes, it does seem that fall is early this year in the mountains! And more rain than usual, but that’s better than drought. Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer, though, and stay cozy.

  10. Gail,

    I love reading your posts — especially this one which inspires us all with your wonderful “Yes to Everything” attitude and spirit! Thank you for sharing so beautifully these words of fun and wisdom about the latest adventure/journey you, Porter and Amber are having in the wilderness of nature and soul.

    Look forward to seeing you in the pool when you return,

    • Tessa, you yourself exemplify the Yes to Everything spirit with your boundless good cheer no matter what is happening! You’re a treasure to all who know you!

  11. Glad you got back on the trail so soon and regained wellness. Bravo for doing what makes sense and persevering.
    You’re inspiring!!!

  12. I love Amber’s advice. My father used to describe tools, parts, plants, food, everything when I think of it, just like Amber! The whatchamacallit was his go to term… I can’t stop laughing right now- what a great way to start the day!! The East Bldr. rec. center is closed this next week. They shut down every year at about this time to do some hookeylau fixer upper stuff and hopefully some deep cleaning as well. So glad the yes’s are coming up in oodles of good feeling on the road. Quite the road trip, but those magnificent pictures you posted are truly amazing! Thank you for sharing laughs, love and beautiful wide open spaces with Porter and you gracing the foreground. You are a fabulous couple and together the strength and love you share is so wonderfully evident! Enjoy!

  13. So glad to hear the virus has passed, literally, and you are back on the trail where you want to be. An amazing duo. Love reading your adventures. Travel safely!

  14. Your posts and you and Porter yourselves make me weep with joy when I read them. And I love your saying yes–again and again. Can you say what it is that helps you all keep on keeping on? Our world has been particularly difficult to understand this last week. Your (yours and Porter’s) presence in it, what you say and do, have helped light up these dark days for me. //love, Tree

    • Dear Tree, we agree with you that our world has become so difficult to understand, especially this last week. We’re deeply touched that our posts light up these dark days for you, as you do for us with your own radiance and love. We love your question about what helps us keep on keeping on. I’ll reflect on it as deeply as I can and respond in my next blog post. In the meantime, love love love.

  15. Glad to see you are back on the trail, you both look great! Looking forward to hearing more when we see you on Cape Cod next week. I hope Amber will be joining us, I would like a photo with her, she’s one sharp chick!

    • Katherine, thanks so much for your comment, and we’re super excited to see you all soon! Amber would love a photo op with you too, although you might have to come here for it, since she’s retired to her chambers for a well deserved rest!

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