Continental Divide Trail #8: A Blizzard and A White Peacock

From inside Porter's tarp

Porter's tarp in snow






Porter got caught in a blizzard after climbing to 10,000 feet near Mount Taylor, NM. Here’s the view from inside his 7-oz. tarp, where he woke to a foot of snow, then dug himself out. Even his sleeping bag got soaked!


Snow hid the trail

The trail was hidden under snow, but he did all the right backcountry survival things.






Porter & Gail at Antiquity restaurant in Old Town Albuquerque



Here we are celebrating at Antiquity in Albuquerque.



Meanwhile, Amber fell in love with Albert, the White Peacock at Los Poblanos Inn and Organic Farm. He told her that he brings Eternal Happiness, which she could totally relate to.

Albert and Amber




30 comments on “Continental Divide Trail #8: A Blizzard and A White Peacock

  1. Beautiful snow pictures; glad all is OK, and handsome peacock plumage. Great going, Porter. Your 7 oz tarp makes my 2 lb. tent seem heavy

  2. Hi Amber: I have been following your adventures and realize that we have a lot in common. I have travelled and hiked with my step parents just like you. I have found truth and hope in birds just as you have in the white peacock. I fell in love with puffins in Iceland. I’d love to get together with you to share experiences when you return to Boulder. your admirer, Teddy

    ps. Glad you survived the blizzard. I was in one in Albuquerque myself just before we drove to Malpais. Hope you sleeping bag is drying out!!

    • Hi Teddy, yes, I’d love to hear about your own adventures! And puffins are wonderful, Porter saw them in the Faroe Islands, I think. And Pat, glad you survived the blizzard you were in in Albuquerque before heading to Malpais! Porter wound up getting a new Western Mountaineering Versalite sleeping bag, overnighted here via FedEx, since it seems he’s going to need a 10-degree bag with more water-resistance in the mountains he has ahead toward Canada.

    • It’s truly gorgeous, Marylee. Albert and the other three peacocks here at Los Poblanos (who are brightly colored) wander around all day calling to each other. My guess is they’re paid to pose for photo ops, LOL!

  3. Loving every single post and glimpse of wonder and beauty! Thank you, Gail! Glad Porter has a warmer bag for the trail ahead. Love to all, including Amber and Albert!

  4. What I notice in all the pictures is BEAUTY. Amazing beauty in the high countries, snow, the break to be with you, Gail, and the peacock/Amber. Another well-done hike, this time it’s the blizzard. Wow. Thank you for sharing the beauty!

  5. What the heck were “all the right backcountry survival things?” Porter, jeeez! Glad to see you both at Antiquity, celebrating. I see beer and wine on the table, even if the photo’s hue is decidedly blue.

    Love, love,

    • Kathleen, one of his many right backcountry survival things was punching a hole in ice to get water at the third water source when the first two were frozen solid. So glad there was beer and wine (champagne for me) at the end of that rainbow!

  6. Ok, now I’m beginning to worry. Hiking alone through 100 stream crossings and a blizzard. But, oh, the tales you have to tell!!!

    • Not to worry, Jerrie, Porter’s up to it, and thank heaven for our satellite trackers! Right now they’re sitting out in the courtyard under the sky while we’re trying to make them work even better by being Bluetoothed to our cell phones. I had no idea I’d be learning so much new technology to be Porter’s support person.

  7. WOW, that seems pretty scary to me! Glad he had a warmer sleeping bag shipped in. Weather in the mountains can be so unpredictable. I love Los Poblanos–those beautifully colored eggs their chickens lay, the gardens, the lovely cozy rooms and gourmet dining! What a contrast! xo

  8. Gail, Thanks for keeping these updates coming. When will Porter be near Denver? Porter – What a great adventure you’re having! Some of it is probably not all that much fun, but you are persevering and making it happen, as you have on all your other great adventures.

    • Gary, we so enjoyed following you and Peggy making it coast to coast on your bike trip! Congratulations, we’re in awe! Porter will email you about when he’ll be near Denver.

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