Continental Divide Trail #33: Og, Intrepid, & She Who Must Be Obeyed!

You may know from CDT post #22 that Og was given his trail-name by Beacon, Problem Bear and Maverick as they approached the CDT’s Canadian border last summer. Porter became known as “the other guy” by thru-hikers who knew the other three from previous hikes. They shortened it to OG, and it morphed into Og to signify my heroic cave man!  On our thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, our trail-name was “Porter-and-Gail” because we were always together. But now that Og is Og, what should be my trail-name? 

“I’m intrepid,” I reassured Og as I drove him up ridiculously steep boulder-strewn dirt roads to various trailheads. “Intrepid!” he said. “That’s got to be your trail-name.” Works for me, especially since I’m emotionally intrepid as well, watching him hike into the wilderness without knowing whether I’ll ever see him again.

Intrepid also for hiking solo on CDT trails, here high above the clouds at 12,000 feet.

Intrepid for driving into the wild blue yonder on deserted roads to find him at a trailhead many days later.

And not giving up until I do! 

“Everyone’s got a trail-name but me!” Amber said. “Henceforth, mine shall be ‘She Who Must Be Obeyed!'”


18 comments on “Continental Divide Trail #33: Og, Intrepid, & She Who Must Be Obeyed!

  1. You and your perfect trail name have found each other! Yes, you are Intrepid. I admire your spirit, and wisdom in listening to She Who Must Be Oveyed.

  2. OG could also stand for Oh, my God–the appropriate response when one gets a sense of Porter’s accomplishments on and off the trail. As for you, Gail, you are the poster child for the word intrepid and my hero (which I am using is its generic form because heroine is too much like heroin). Amber’s trail name doesn’t need to be commented on except to say that it is a matter of calling it as it is seen.

  3. Tell the Other Guy that you’re far, far more Intrepid than I would be. And I always knew that about Amber!! You three are all incredible.

  4. Intrepid–Right on!!!!!

    Massive kudos to you both, and to She Who Must Be Obeyed (and Amused) . . .


  5. Intrepid,
    Amber is growing up! Her mother must be appalled by that outfit.

    And the USS Intrepid had (late in life) retrieval missions picking up the returning astronauts from the Mercury and Gemini space missions,not unlike finding OG somewhere in the mountains vs. the South Atlantic. She is currently retired on the Hudson river and receiving visitors such as my grandsons every so often. No rust that I can see, going strong, just like you!

    From 12 feet above sea level in Wellfleet, your bro, Dave (aka Grandpa)

    • Dave, your comment totally made our week, thank you! We’re thrilled to learn about the USS Intrepid and that it receives your grandsons, my great-nephews, on a regular basis! You got that right, Amber’s mother is indeed appalled by that outfit, although not enough to halt the antics of She Who Must Be Obeyed! Much love to you all from Og, Amber, and me.

  6. Is that “She Who Must Be Oyveyed?”

    And fess up—all the web knows OG stands for Original Gangsta.

    But I will certainly obey Intrepid You. Thanks for the continuing saga!

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