Continental Divide Trail #24: So Much Snow!

Og (Porter) set out from Cumbres Pass toward Wolf Creek Pass, through the San Juan Mountains of southern Colorado, ice ax strapped to the back of his pack. He used his ice ax a lot until it was claimed by the CDT, probably while Og was pushing through a thick stand of thorny brush.

Even in mid-June, he found much more snow than expected. Steep climbs and post-holing (sinking step by step into deep snow) at elevations between 10,000 and 13,000 feet slowed him way down. 

The views were spectacular, though, and water plentiful even if frozen over by the cold nights. 

Meanwhile, Gail and Amber meditated.

Og met celebrities Buddy Backpacker, at eight years old the youngest Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trail thru-hiker, now hiking the CDT, and his parents Andrea and Dion. Amber and I were happy to trail-angel by driving all four hikers from Wolf Creek Pass into town for resupply.

Here’s a short video of the triumph of their accomplishment.


24 comments on “Continental Divide Trail #24: So Much Snow!

  1. Wow! The astonishing adventure continues. Hats off to OG, Gail, and Amber for this inspiring achievement.

    • Frank, thanks so much. Every day brings a new set of adventures, and we’re loving it. Hope all is proceeding beautifully with your and Ellen’s new book!

  2. Hi Gail–I was just beginning to wonder where or if Porter- OG is still on the CDT? Great to see that he’s continuing north and you are still his wonderful support crew with Amber!

    My husband, FROST, has been “on Pause” in Duboise, WY for 5 days – 4 days longer then he planned. Yellowstone park ranger would not issue him a back country camping permit until July 1st due to “bear activity”. He had expected to be in within the boundaries of Yellowstone today, but is waiting 1 more day before hiking out of DuBois. I think he’s about 2 days hike from Yellowstone.

    Always great to get your posts & photos!
    Ina Sue (SILVER FOX)

    • Yes, Ina Sue/Silver Fox, Porter had to wait last year for his permit until almost that late, after calling the ranger to talk with him. Wishing Frost all the best!

  3. Gail … Thank you for inviting me to the CDT FB page. Real eye opener for me. This year I am going to settle for the AT in NH. Need to really be committed to tackle any stretch of the CDT.

    • Andrea, Porter got the name Og as short for “the other guy,” when near the end of last summer’s CDT hike he was hiking with Maverick and Problem Bear who had been on the trails so long they knew most of the other hikers they met, who referred to Porter as “the other guy.” LOL! I like calling him Og because of the cave man/mountain man connotations.

  4. I continue to be “on your journey” in heart and spirit, awaiting next installments of your ventures. Love that I can sink in the snow and look out over the great expanses through the eyes and video of the hiker and words of the author!!! Love and HUGS to you both!

  5. Wow. Snow — that sounds surreal! It’s in the 90s in Houston every day, so you and Porter are currently my only link with the great outdoors.

    Love to both of you —

    P. S. Really enjoyed the video — very slick!

  6. More adventures!!! Love keeping up. FYI I had my first meditation class. I figure it’s easier than hiking.

  7. Hi Gail and Amber! What fun to see the beautiful views on Wolf Creek pass and th abundance of water. I’m sorry Og had to slog through all of the soft heavy, melting snow on the trail. So nice to see you meditating with Amber, Gail. You both look positively peaceful in the golden hue of the forest sunshine. I especially loved the last picture of Andrea, Dion and their daughter with Og. What an amazing family! I’m sure they were very grateful for your help gathering much needed supplies. You are heaven sent, and I know Porter appreciates you tremendously.
    All is well at the pool. We miss you! Any chance you could make it down for a brunch in your honor on your birthday 7/15? It’s a Friday, and you know we would all be truly delighted to hear your descriptions of the difficulties on Cumbres pass, Wolf Creek, and meeting the delightful family on the ever challenging trail. I’d like to give Amber a hug too!! Take care dear friend, and we all look forward to your continuing blogs and fabulous photos. Truly, Andrea

    • Thanks, Andrea! Sorry I can’t make it to swim group brunch on my birthday, 7/15, I expect to be picking up or dropping off Porter at one of the CDT trails then. But I’ll be thrilled to celebrate with you all at the September or October brunch if that works. Hugs to you all!

  8. Looking great, as always ! Beautiful scenery, and interesting adventures! Continue on…sending hugs,

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