Continental Divide Trail #11: Wyoming!

We’re now on the CDT in Wyoming, approaching the Great Basin! From northern New Mexico, we leaped over Colorado for now because of the deep snowpack.

I was less than thrilled to leave Porter at the trailhead with this big storm coming in.

P's tarpPorter weathered the storm that night under his 7-oz. tarp by pitching it against the wind on a site with good runoff.

Sleet soaked the foot of his sleeping bag, though. Back in Rawlins for resupply, he attached his waterproof handmade shorts to the sleeping bag with buttons. He gets to wear them in daytime rain, and his sleeping bag gets to wear them at night!


Amber supervises the air-drying of Porter’s wool socks and folds laundry.  So a good time is being had by all.

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  1. Great to see Porter has returned to his CDT flip-flop thru-hike! In regards to thunder storms–my husband “Frost” said he’s endured some of the biggest and loudest ever in his whole life!! Scary stuff. He and his hiking friend, “HazNoHorse” made it into Colorado last Thursday after slogging through deep snow–post holing through thigh and crotch deep snow for 9 hours and barely going 11 miles!! Needless to say they were utterly exhausted and do not want to do any more of that–so now they’re taking a break from the CDT, with plans to return to Chama, NM and continue on in several weeks after more snow has melted. Glad to see you and Amber back too! 🙂

    • Glad Frost made it through, post-holing in snow that deep is tough! Porter saw snow in this section of Wyoming, but there’s enough bare ground he didn’t have to go through it. He expects snow in the Winds, though, so has two pairs of snowshoes, one regular and one ultralight, as well as crampons.

  2. The adventure continues! Meanwhile, I was trying to imagine what use I could be in the same situation and could see myself . . . pinch-hitting as Amber’s assistant!

  3. Aren’t the rain pants wet after a day in the rain? Since Amber is not there to supervise the drying, I hope Proter’s sleeping bag can indeed stay dry!

    • Good question, Andrea! Luckily his rain shorts stay dry on the inside even when wet on the outside, and even the outside dries quickly when out of the rain. They’re made out of cuben, a wonderful lightweight waterproof fabric.

    • Marian, so true, but we’re both enjoying the adventure enormously. We’re increasingly gaining confidence in our respective spheres of influence and in the other’s resourcefulness. Hope all is wonderful with you!

  4. HA!!! You two (three) are TOO funny!!! Glad to see your spirits high and Porter smiling . . . but who wouldn’t be in displaying an invention like versatile handmade waterproof shorts—surely there’s a lucrative marketing opportunity there.

    Be blessed . . .

    • Kathleen, yes, we’re blessed, especially that Porter is so creative with his gear. Pretty much everything serves several purposes, including moi! Blessings to you too!

  5. Where is the glass of wine!! After leaping over snowstorms; leaving loved ones at trailheads, soaked sleeping bags and attaching shorts to be worn by same sleeping bag—where is the wine??!!!! HUGS, HUGS!!!

    • Jane, there was definitely wine! Although I like to start with a glass of prosecco or cava at dinner and no restaurant in Rawlins has any approximation thereof. We’re counting our wine blessings, though. In one town in NM, the liquor store didn’t sell wine at all, just beer and Wild Turkey!

  6. Personally, I think Amber is having the most fun!!!!
    But I’m really glad you’re working the plan and covering those miles.

    • Jerrie, yes, Amber is having the most fun, and she’s a model for Porter and me! Of course, all she has to do is get carried in her bag from town to town and her biggest decision is what kind of havoc to wreak while there.

  7. Very ingenious and wet. I am really glad that you are on the road with Porter -a balance of letting him do what he needs and your needing to see him along the hike. (the reason you went on the PCT with him). He’s definitely the guy I’d want on my team with his experience and resourcefulness. I need to remember that sleeping bags can wear shorts. Love to you all!

    • Sue, love that you see it as wet! Yes, we’re really glad that we’re out here together, with just the right amount of time together and in solitude for our respective journeys. Love to you too!

  8. Good to see you back on the trail! I am continually impressed by the ingenuity it takes to survive and stay dry 🙂
    Hope all continues to go well!!

  9. Porter is a master of resourcefulness, isn’t he?! I’m happy to know that you and Amber are there to provide essential, loving support to him on his grand adventure. Sounds like you’re having an adventure of your own kind, too. Hugs.

  10. Good to see the ingenuity of you two in solving the rain.sleet issues. So glad he’s still doing OK on the trail!

    • Thanks, Mary, doing great! Right now we’re hoping the snow melts in the Wind River Range while he finishes the Great Basin. Togwotee Pass has 25 inches of snow, though, and we’re hoping that melts too. ;-D

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