Continental Divide Trail #13: Wind River Range, WY!

“The Continental Divide Trail is by far the most challenging outdoor adventure I’ve ever attempted,” Porter says, “and the Wind River Range is the most challenging and magnificent part of the CDT thus far.”

“I forded lots of wide, deep creeks, and prepared to swim with my pack on my back where the current was fast.”

“The snow above 10,000 feet in elevation was so deep that I often sank up to mid-thigh. I listened for the gurgle of icy creeks beneath. Navigation was tough because the trail was hidden under snow.”

Gail and Amber drove deep into the Wind River Range to meet Porter for his resupply.

We stayed in this wonderful cabin at Big Sandy Lodge, so remote there was no electricity, internet, or cell coverage–just plenty of time to hike and meditate. Natasha and Wes took great care of us, and Natasha made delicious breakfasts, bagged lunches, and dinners.

Porter arrived, and we opened a killer Malbec to drink from under our mosquito head nets.



Here are Gail and Amber hiking their own hike in the Wind River Range.

We were recently interviewed by the international Adventure Sports Podcast about both our Pacific Crest Trail and Continental Divide Trail adventures:


22 comments on “Continental Divide Trail #13: Wind River Range, WY!

  1. Wow! These photos are absolutely amazing! You two are seeing things that most of us will never see up close and personal. I am in awe!

    Love to you both —

  2. Thank you for another fun and beautiful posting. This story of Porter’s hike is inspiring in many ways.

  3. It so gorgeous and untouched, yet the unforgiveness of nature lurks. Thank you for sharing, it’s an experience I would otherwise never have! I am glad you got to be offline, hike, and commune with nature and Amber too. (Very happy to see Porter’s smile after the snowy hike.)

  4. When Porter says something was “the most challenging” part of the CDT, it must REALLY have been something. As other friends have posted, I too am impressed, amazed and awed by what he is doing. I’m sure that knowing that you and especially Amber are waiting for him at the next resupply is highly motivational.

  5. I continue to be amazed. Go Porter Go!!!!
    And Gail and Amber need to be cheered as the best of all support teams. Go Gail Go.
    Go Amber Go!

  6. Your photos and comments bring this to life. Don’t know if Porter was east or west of the divide, but that is tough terrain and this year stream crossings probably pretty tough. I wish he had a hiking partner on this section, but maybe he does.

    • Mary, thank you for appreciating the gravity of this undertaking, and for your wonderful comment about my posts. Porter went through the west side of the Winds. No, he doesn’t have a hiking partner, he’s one of the first to be this far this season, and I think he actually prefers to be solo to go at his own pace and choose his own route. He says many times that he couldn’t do this were I not along as his trail angel and chase vehicle. !

  7. I love reading your posts. Love that you’re hiking with Amber in such a beautiful place. What is the projected end date and place?

    • Jan, thank you so much! Our projected end date is mid-September, at Waterton Park in Canada across the border from Glacier National Park. Porter downloaded the McPhee book that Bill suggested and is loving it.

  8. Porter’s determination, stamina and strength is amazing! I’m sure he’s fueled by beauty, seclusion, and discovery. I’m in awe. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Thanks, Rae Ann, I’m in awe of Porter myself! I just dropped him off way way back in the backcountry at Union Pass, WY for his next section to Togwotee Pass. Thanks for taking a look at our blog! Hope all is great with you.

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