GDMBR #10: Liminal Space and Idaho

Infinitely deeper than our crossing from state to state, as Porter from Montana to Idaho, is the liminal space in which we now live. 

Day to day, moment to moment, we move not just from the ranch lands of Montana to the green farms of Idaho, but hover on thresholds of being.

While Porter taxes his physical and emotional strength to the max to bike rugged trails over mountain passes, I tax my mind’s executive function to move us from hotel to hotel, living out of our car and luggage, hyper vigilant not to lose or misplace anything crucial to our life on the road, while finding remote routes (and Porter!). We travel lightly and with a sense of humor, though, ready to celebrate with a glass of wine, here on the Henry’s Fork branch of the Snake River, Idaho.

Liminal space of the heart. 

Amber enjoys a game of pool with new soulmates.

Love to each of you, hovering on your own thresholds.


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  1. We don’t always recognize a threshold until we’ve crossed it or fallen into the abyss. Fortunately, you guys traverse them with humor, commitment, and skill.

    Where will you be when the eclipse occurs? We’re going to camp in Alliance, NE.

  2. First, Gail, you have to know that the word liminal is one of my favorites. It is a very useful word. Liminal space of the heart is a beautiful phrase and thought. This post was balm to my soul.

  3. Those days must flow by–I’m sure your brain has created a multitude of new synapses as you manage each day’s challenges. It’ll seem comforting to be home–until the boredom sets in! Can’t wait to hear more stories from the road–

    • Thank you, Rosemary, it does feel like learning whole new sets of skills, while losing a few too! Your own latest post about music on your blog was spectacular!

  4. Good wishes for continued peaceful, revealing moments. You two inspire. Will be thinking of you next couple of weeks while we are enjoy the quiet of Newfoundland.

  5. Hurray! My new Mac Air is working and I can finally receive your posts again. What a beautiful and soul searching experience you are on with your fantastic, huggable hubby Porter. You two are amazing! I love your break at Henry’s corner on the Snake river. And the sunset was spectacular as well. What a wonderful place to relax and enjoy a glass of wine. And the shot with Amber enjoying some new mates at the pub-great fun. We miss enjoying a little wine with you dear friend, at our own favorite watering hole. Can’t wait to see you again 🙂

    I’m heading in for arthroscopic surgery tomorrow am. Just a little removal of some unwelcome scar tissue surfacing on my new knee. Should be in and out in a day. Take care and write again soon! We all love your posts tremendously!!! Hugs, A

    • Andrea, I’m thrilled you got a new Mac Air and hope your knee surgery went splendidly! You recover so quickly, and I’ll put my best vibes on it! Love and hugs.

  6. Know Henry’s Fork–grew up in that area or close enough to it. Beautiful country. You guys live!!!!

    • Oh Jerrie, I’m so glad you know Henry’s Fork and grew up in that gorgeous country! No doubt one of our favorite places on the whole adventure! Hope you and Jon are enjoying your new puppy–we know you are!

  7. Good to see another post Gail. Are you and Porter nearing Yellowstone? Frost and HazNoHorse walked into Lincoln, MT yesterday evening. Taking 2 zeros, then heading out early Monday. Too bad their paths never intersected, Love the picture of Amber with the 2 handsome young men. She must have enjoyed their company greatly! ?

    • Ina, congratulations to Frost and HazNoHorse for making it to Lincoln so far! Sorry we didn’t intersect with them, and we’re past Yellowstone. They’re really moving! We loved Lincoln–stayed at the Sportsman Motel, which was perfect for us, and had breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the Bushwacker, great food and fun atmosphere.

  8. Well said, Gail,

    You sparked a mental rumination or three. Here I sit, wondering if my partner is differently abled for a long time to come, or if this really is a progressive recovery, with the proverbial 2 steps forward and 1 step back. Meanwhile, I’m savoring my favorite local hikes and the desert bighorn who graced my morning this weekend. There IS so much grace and beauty. It coexists with peril, promise, purgatory, perpetually every moment.

    • Mary, I treasure your thoughtful response about your own thresholds. Your comment about grace and beauty coexisting with “peril, promise, purgatory, perpetually every moment” is exactly what I needed to hear in light of some ups and downs over the last few days. Thank you so much.

  9. Hi Gail!
    I am coming to Wyoming on the 18 to view the eclipse at Sarasota area…. hopefully if you all close we can meet up! Love your blog! great pictures… Hope Porter get this done as the weather is starting to change!

    • Hi Bryan, so glad you’ll get to view the eclipse in the Sarasota area! We just finished Wyoming so will be far south in Colorado by then, so are sorry to not be able to meet up with you! Thanks for checking with us, though! And we hope you have a great trip and enjoy the eclipse. We appreciate your following our blog enormously, thank you! Love to you and Cheryl from Porter and me.

  10. Sometimes I like to save up your blogs and enjoy them all on a quiet morning, over good coffee. This is it. We are in our liminal space, and are enjoying the adventures you have! jill

    • Jill, I love picturing you enjoying our blog over good coffee! Glad you and Tom are enjoying your own adventures in liminal space! Thanks for your comments on our other posts as well.

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