Continental Divide Trail #4: From Mexican Border to Lordsburg, NM

Porter & Philip emerge Animas Rd.

Porter and Philip emerged victorious from the first 80+ mile section of the CDT from the border of Mexico to Lordsburg, NM. “The Continental Divide Trail is a figment of someone’s imagination,” they said, “no trail whatsoever, just bushwhacking in and out of rocky ravines, dodging cactus, searching for the rare CDT sign–often blown over or attached to a barbed wire fence we had to scramble through.” Their scariest encounter was with a border patrol agent with flak jacket, automatic weapons, and ammo clips galore, who demanded “Don’t you have anything to defend yourselves with?” They gestured with their trekking poles. The danger is past now, further from the border. They hiked 24 miles one day to get to the water we’d dropped off, and had a great time. Philip became a master chef with the 4-oz frying pan, turning out cheese biscuits, cornbread, and hash browns.

Gail meditates at Quality Inn



Meanwhile, back at the Quality Inn in Deming, NM, I meditated.


Drs. Philip, Porter, Amber




Dr. Philip Storey, Ophthalmology Resident, operated on the blisters of Dr. Porter Storey, EVP Emeritus of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, after Dr. Amber Storey, Surgeon Doll General of the United States, declared the latter’s feet a Federal Disaster Area.

Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

33 comments on “Continental Divide Trail #4: From Mexican Border to Lordsburg, NM

  1. Well, if it’s just old fashioned blisters (ouch!) and border patrol with no cactus spines, rattlesnakes or javelina, you’ve passed the first test. Hope those buggers heal fast.

  2. Dear Gail,

    Ouch — hope Porter’s blisters heal quickly! How convenient to have a son who’s an M.D., not to mention a wife who’s endlessly devoted!

    Love to you all —

    • Happy Pesach, Brenda! Philip left to spend Easter weekend with his girlfriend and her parents, before he goes back to work, so I’ll drop off Porter this morning to continue the trail. His blisters have started to heal, and he’ll tape up his feet in hopes they don’t get worse–good vibes appreciated! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

      • So wonderful to hear from you. Hope you have happy and peaceful Easter.

        Love, Brenda.

        P. S. Melissa, who’s in town, sends her greetings, too!

  3. Glad they are back in the US. Definitely a dad and lad adventure to remember, although Philip definitely is the now adult lad taking great care of dad. Good luck to Porter on the next leg of the journey and peace to you and Amber on yours.

    • Thanks, Andrea, it was great to have the benefit of Philip’s many talents while he was on the scene! He also got Porter launched on Facebook and answered some smart phone questions I had, and we miss him already. Hope all is great with you and Dana there!

    • We appreciate that, Jody! Yes, loving all the levels of this journey. The spaciousness and stark beauty of the New Mexico landscape is conducive to contemplation, for sure. ;-D

  4. Gail :). They already hiked so far with smiles! (and I am still sitting in the same town.) Maybe blisters are like the eyes of the feet, fit for an ophthalmologist’s care? Strange thought. I love the back of your head pic (how did you take that pic 😉 ) and Amber’s raised arm. All very alive.

    • Sue, love your thought of blisters as the eyes of the feet, can’t wait to pass that along to Porter. So glad you like the blog post, a little bit of artistic expression LOL for me. Hope you had a beautiful Passover!

  5. Amber makes such sense as Surgeon General. But blisters! More hikes have been stopped by blisters than broken limbs. Take care out there!

    • Jerrie, you’re right. Porter discovered that sand was getting in a barely imperceptible gap under the tongues of his shoes, so he sewed those closed. Also sewed his gaiters to his shoes, so hope that keeps sand out too. He taped up his feet pretty well, and got back on the trail today. I’ve decamped to the Comfort Inn in Silver City, NM. Hope you and Jon and the Great Danes had a lovely Easter.

    • Kathleen, yes, although Philip has already left, first to spend Easter weekend with his girlfriend and her parents, then back to work. Porter is now out in the desert alone, just him and the cows. But he’s eating well, for sure! We’re inspired by Patrick’s journey on the CDT.

    • Thanks, Ron, that means a lot! Porter is hiking solo the rest of the CDT now that Philip has gone back to work. Porter and I appreciate your encouragement!

  6. this is an incredible journey! and what amazing experience for father and son to have had. We are cheering Porter on and sending tons of love!

    • Thanks, dear Cristiana! Porter and Philip had such a great time together those first five days on the trail. Porter is on his own now, but I just got a message via his satellite tracker that he’s camped for the night in the desert. Me, I’m happy to say I’m camped for the night at the Comfort Inn in Silver City, NM (a delightfully arty little town). We so appreciate your cheering us on! Much love to you all.

  7. As much as we love following along, you don’t have to feel obligated to reply to each of our comments. Meditate in peaceful quiet. You have a community who love you both and respect your journeys.

  8. So glad that Porter and Philip emerged with smiles! (not all dads and sons can do that) Porter, enjoy your alone time now, and peace to you on the journey. Gail, thank you for sharing, and enjoy your time alone too. Renew, refresh, reawaken! That’s what the springtime is all about!

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