Continental Divide Trail #20: Bob Marshall Wilderness, MT

Porter has been looking forward to the long stretch of the Scapegoat Wilderness and Bob Marshall Wilderness all through New Mexico, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. It proved to be as magnificent and wild as anticipated. He saw three grizzly bears–a mother and her cubs. Porter and his hiking buddy stayed at a respectful distance of fifty yards while the mother grizzly hustled her cubs up the mountainside.

Porter looks from the Scapegoat toward the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

Mountain in the Scapegoat at sunrise.

Porter hikes beneath the Bob Marshall’s 1000-foot tall, 40-mile long Chinese Wall.

Meanwhile, Gail summited Montana’s Mount Helena.

As for Amber, she sat in bed in her hotel room and ordered room service. Asked how many glasses she would like with her two bottles of bubbly, she said “One, please.”

24 comments on “Continental Divide Trail #20: Bob Marshall Wilderness, MT

  1. That Amber sure knows how to live and it’s very considerate of you and Porter to create your adventures around her. Keep trekking to satisfy her and your every desire.

  2. I love the scenery that Porter is enjoying. It is a beautiful time of year to be part of it. And your whole little family continues to have personal adventures. Thanks for the photo memories. Julianne

  3. I like the sunny, bright environment in these pictures 🙂 A change from other posts lately. Seems a little less perilous -good thing Porter et al stay back from mamma bear and cubs. There have been reports about those… And wow Gail you are also hiking an amble amount. I hope you had breakfast with Amber first. She knows where the good stuff is!

  4. Wow, gooooo Porter! (He’s hikes faster than I can imagine! And I can’t believe his pack is so tiny, even out there where there’s no resupplying.) So special to have shared the mountain air with momma grizzly bear and her cubs—what a blessing! You’re all looking healthy and hardy and happy. Especially Amber—did she eat and drink the whole thing(s)?

    • Kathleen, thanks, and I shipped Porter a box of resupplies to Benchmark, a horse-packing outfit waaay out there. No one around but horses, but he picked up his box from a bear-proof container and hiked on. He’s giving up rest days to make it through Glacier before the wildfires close more of the CDT.

  5. I’m so glad the Porter saw grizzly in the Bob Marshall. When I was there, was a (grad student) study going on to check the DNA of the Grizz, with a covert purpose to de-list them. The Chinese wall area is fabulous. Bet he saw the white goats, too.
    Glad you’re churning and burning up mountains as well. Left, right, left right, up, up.

    Tickle Amber for me-Mary ‘Mac’

  6. Congrats on summiting Mt. Helena Gail! What fun to summit a peak, and I also loved seeing the Chinese Wall behind Porter. I’m glad he and his hiking friend steered clear of the mother bear and her cubs as they can be really dangerous. Amber looked like she was having fun too ! All the best, plus, our Aqua friend Tessa is home now and eating regular food. Hurray! Take care, Love, Andrea

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