GDMBR #6: Wind Lifts Wyoming Workers!

I thought what you’re probably thinking when I read this headline in a local Wyoming newspaper! But it refers, thankfully, to retraining oil and gas workers to work in wind energy. We’re endlessly fascinated by what’s going on in the places we’re visiting on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, from watching the National Finals Rodeo with a crowd in a Thai cafe to learning that it’s okay to pickle your cucumbers now.  The wind nearly lifted Porter and his mountain bike out of Wyoming’s Great Basin, though.

With no trees in the Great Basin, Porter had to hang his water filter from his tarp pole.

I love it out here, and am blooming like a flower in the desert.

As for Amber, she’s tickled pink to be accepted into the Western College of Auctioneering! 

10 comments on “GDMBR #6: Wind Lifts Wyoming Workers!

  1. Thanks for the update! we love hearing of your adventures! Jack and I are inspired. We moved to Charlottesvilee, VA about a year ago. Our goal, though, not as lofty as any of yours and Porter’s, is to hike the 107 miles of the AT in Shenandoah National Park. We started last week, and hiked 10 miles. only 97 more to go!
    Love and safety to you both and Amber too!

    • Irene, so wonderful to hear from you and that you and Jack moved to Virginia and will hike in Shenandoah National Park! We remember well how lovely that section of the AT is!

    • So true, Pam! I had to turn back from my hike in Rawlins because I couldn’t stand up in the wind! Also, our fit ball took off across the entire parking lot, Porter chasing it, until it lodged under a parked truck, thank heaven! The wind was about to tear the top off our locked cargo carrier under we moved the car around to park on the leeward side.

  2. There is something addictive about being in an outdoor setting with nothing but open country around you and an infinite sky above. It’s something that stays with you and draws you to experience it again and again. You can’t find that in a city! These wonderful adventures you and Porter are having will stay with you always. Covering mile after mile in the open air seems so right and fits with the meditative lifestyle you and Porter share. xo

    • Yes, Rosemary, we’re noticing exactly what you say, more and more! You no doubt experienced it on your motorcycle rides across the country. The landscape itself is so spacious and draws one into it.

  3. Are you biking at night to keep out of the heat?? That would be my choice and obviously a different experience.
    BTW Amber would make a wonderful auctioneer. She’s soooooo vocal.

    • Now that we’re further north it’s not too hot, although it may get hotter as we head south again from Banff. Amber says thanks for your vote of confidence in her auctioneering abilities! Loving keeping up with your own adventures via Facebook!

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