The minute we got our COVID vaccine second doses,


we drove two days to Saguaro National Park in Tucson. We hadn’t been anywhere in a year, not even to a restaurant or grocery store!

We were overjoyed that our vaccinated son, Philip, and his lovely girlfriend, Annabelle, joined us for a few days at our Airbnb with a view of the Rincon Mountains.

Hiking the Cactus Forest Trail, we saw the biggest cacti we’d ever seen, including this saguaro:

How big was it? It was so big it was dwarfed only by this RV, the Tucson winter palace of our long-time friends Peggy and Gary.

We’d love to know: what did you do, or plan to, first thing after your COVID vaccination?


    • Thank you, Frank. We very much hope you’re vaccinated too and enjoying life outside as well as inside. You’re so resourceful, we’re guessing you made good use of the year of relative quiet, though.

  1. Glad you enjoyed your short stay here. We loved spending some time with you and Porter! We’re bummed that we forgot to show you one of the rare Cristate Saguaros residing in Saguaro National Park. Next year…

    • Gary and Peggy, it truly was fabulous to see you both. We look forward to seeing the rare Cristate Saguaros another time!

  2. Hey Gail!

    So glad to see that you and Porter were able to break out, get to the desert sunshine and have a good visit with family and friends!

    It looks fantastic!

  3. Good for you guys! You’ve been incredibly careful and this respite was so deserved. Phillip and Annabelle look so sweet together. I hope she’s the one! Miss you. Keep doing fun things. (I had no special plans for post-vaccinations, but am now allowing myself to ride in cars with other vaccinated people. Have been seeing my grandchildren here in town – two girls, 3 & 1 – most of the year.)

    • Julene, I’m overjoyed that you get to see your two granddaughters often! What a fabulous grandmother you no doubt are to them and Indy.

  4. Hi Gail and Porter,
    We spent time in La Jolla this winter and got our vaccines in California. Our first adventure post-vaccine was our trip home to Boulder. On our way back we stopped in Las Vegas where I visited with my brother who is a Covid long hauler who is in a rehab facility.
    Please let us know when you are back home. We’d love to have you over for dinner.
    With love,

    • Linda, we’re so glad you two got your vaccinations, and we’re keeping your brother in our hearts and meditations. Yes, will be fun to get together this spring!

  5. Congratulations! I got my vaccine #1 shot and get the second in a week and a half. I plan to loosen up my stay at home a little after April 12 which is 2 weeks after my second shot. The grocery store and other necessary errands are my only public outings.

  6. Your sojourn looks divine! I have added eating at outdoor restaurants, ones that have distanced tables. Not ready to go inside yet. Plus, post vaccination, I have had a friend or two over for cocktails inside my house. What a concept! And I clearly recall the very first time I heard anyone even mention the word ‘pandemic.’ It was Gail, telling me that Porter said one was inevitable and that he was surprised had not already occurred. Gail related that the key to staying healthy would be to stay inside. That conversation took place in Boulder when I visited longer ago than I am able to recall. Prescient! Hugs all around – real hugs soon I hope. Missing you guys.

    • Joy, thanks for your own update here, and the reminder that Porter knew about ten years ago we’d have to cope with a pandemic eventually. We learned so much as a society. We miss you too, and applaud you for all the good you do in the world.

  7. It’s wonderful to see the happy pics! We are vaccinated, although Clif just got his second a week ago. So we are still deciding on an adventure. But soooo looking forward to getting outside the small circle of Boulder and Louisville.

    • Congratulations on you and Clif getting vaccinated, Deb! We know you’ll enjoy whatever adventure you decide on.

  8. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to have gotten the vaccine! So glad you are out and about again… has been a challenging year for sure. Wishing you all the best!

  9. What a lovely way/place to celebrate your vaccinations. Thanks for your story and the invitation to share. Ken and I spent January and February in St Petersburg, FL where I got both my shots and Ken got his first. We took resident friends out for a meal among unmasked diners, although I didn’t flaunt it, and felt unsure. Also, we went to the newly opened Farmers’ Market–carefully liberated, but still not sure we believed it.

    Sometimes I feel like the elephant chained for years to the tree and remained there even after the chain was cut. Awaiting euphoria.

    • Marian, thanks for your own update here. The euphoria will come! Thanks also for spreading the word about your son’s great work with GFEMS, and the universally growing sign for HelpMe. I now Follow him on Twitter.

  10. philip looks a lot like someone else i know.

    we are in wimberly texas on our first driving trip in 12 months. great fun!

    tom and rosemary

    • Yes, Philip does indeed, Tom and Rosemary! So glad you’re having a trip to Wimberly–such a beautiful place!

  11. Glad you got shot and could take a trip to such a thrilling destination. What a bonus to see your son too. I have 1 more week post-second shot and then will sing with the choir again and plan a road trip, with river trip to follow in May on the San Juan. Probably host my sister, Ann, after the San Juan trip.

    • Mary, congratulations on getting your shots too! Your post-vaccination plans sound ideal for you. Please say Hi to Ann for me when you see her.

  12. Just got my second shot today, Tom is full vaccinated. So “our safe day” is April 4th and we’ll celebrate with my sister and bro-in-law by having dinner together at our house. It’s been over a year! Then we are trying to plan a long weekend with our 4 yr old grandson…details pending. Glad you two are staying as safe as we are…thank goodness for an administration that takes this seriously!

  13. So good to see both of you strong and smiling! Yes, we are vaccinated! Have not as yet entered a grocery store or an indoor restaurant and plan to wait a bit first, but it’s just great to know that we can do some of those things should we want. Our winter involved planning our upcoming move to Virginia in the late spring and simplifying our life. Look forward to being able to travel once again and explore places we’ve not been in the USA. Be well my friends. And do keep us posted on your adventures. Love to you both, Ellen

    • Ellen, thank you for your wonderful update! We’re excited for you both that you plan a move to Virginia. I spent a month at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts near Sweet Briar many years ago and thought Virginia a beautiful state.

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