Continental Divide Trail #14: Wyoming Wildlife

From grizzly bears and wolves to buffalo, Wyoming teems with wildlife.

Gail had a wild ride on the World’s Largest Jackalope!

We’re deep in grizzly and wolf country, and Porter saw these enormous wolf tracks on his way out of the Wind River Range.

We each carry bear spray on our hikes separately and together, here above Togwotee Pass.

Amber remains imperturbable.

A giant herd of buffalo caused a traffic jam on US 287!

30 comments on “Continental Divide Trail #14: Wyoming Wildlife

  1. I once saw a bear track like that and felt hair stand up on the back of my neck. It brought me to a new level of attention. If only I had Amber’s inner tranquility.
    Glad you’re both doing well and having fun. Press on.

  2. Fun to see. Didn’t remember seeing jackalope that big last time I was up there; must not be any natural predators of them any more. You have good riding form! I heard the Grizz were drifting southward into the Winds now. I hiked with a couple in California who chased one off its kill stash in Yellowstone because they mistook it for a black bear. Why they lived through that is beyond me! Anyone, here’s hoping neither of you have significant encounters. Also, no run-ins with moose.
    You both look healthy and happy-Bravo!

    • Thanks, Mary, and yes, the locals say the Grizz are throughout the Winds now. Hunters don’t even bother hunting in the Green Lakes area, especially, because they don’t want to fight the grizzlies for their kill.

  3. And the adventures continue–some of them scary! I’m talking about riding a jackalope, of course! Be careful out there.

  4. I’m putting the World’s Largest Jackalope on my list next time we go to Wyoming – and, unlike the buffalo traffic jam, I can be assured I’ll see get to see the jackalope!

    • You can’t miss it, Andrea, outside the building is a huge banner that says “World’s Largest Jackalope Exhibit!” and underneath “See it!” “Believe it!”

  5. The thought of encountering grizzly bear tracks, let alone the real bear, is fearsome just to read! However, you two are my inspiration to greet each challenge with preparedness and determined confidence!. With a good dose of bear spray and sturdy hiking boots!!! HUGS!!

  6. You (two) never cease to amaze me with all the wonderful adventures. I am learning through you. Amber is so daring too!

  7. About how much more is there to hike? Somehow, I don’t think you’re half way, but I am geographically and distance challenged. I only want to know because I like to follow along. Keep treckin’

    • Thanks for following along, Marian! We’re about two-thirds of the Continental Divide Trail northbound from the Mexican border, but that’s because like most thru-hikers this year we had to leap over Colorado since the deep snowpack made the mountains impassable. We’ve completed New Mexico and most of Wyoming. In July and August, we’ll cover the remaining 1,000 miles of the total 3,100, in Idaho and Montana, and cross the border into Canada after Glacier National Park in September. We’ll probably save the Colorado section of the CDT for next summer, because by the time we could get there it will have started snowing again. Thanks for asking, we’re in a different relationship with time and distance out here. Moving through the wilderness is never as the crow flies, but as the mountains and deep water crossings allow.

      • We live very close to Lost Trail Pass in Montana. Would love to meet you there if possible, if even for a moment. Deb&Bill Goslin, Stevensville, MT (PCT 1981), friends on FB, met you at Hamilton book reading.

        • Wonderful to hear from you, Deb and Bill! Porter is just about to enter Yellowstone from the south, so let me check with him this weekend about the route in hopes we can meet up with you, that would be so fun! Will be in touch!

  8. MEMO
    TO: GAIL

    a. Make sure Porter’s bear repellant is not running low.
    b. Have conversation with Amber about reasonable trust boundaries.
    c. Continue having fun.

    • Frank, thank you, done, done, and doing! Porter carries a brand new, largest bear spray in our supply and hasn’t used it yet. I have a new, smaller one that I carry on my daily hikes. This morning I hiked a trail that ran mostly through meadow, and was more comfortable than on recent hikes among trees.

  9. We were up in the Tetons near Dubois at the same time as you. Saw a bear along the road and thought of Porter out there trekking. Weren’t the wildflowers amazing!!

    • Becky, yes, the wildflowers were amazing, I was knee-deep in fields of them on my own hike every morning! And so much wildlife out here too–bears, lots of buffalo, deer. I got a huge kick out of how highway traffic slows down to a crawl so everyone can get their photo of whatever animal is next to the road. Hope you had a fabulous time, will look forward to hearing about it.

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