Continental Divide Trail #31: Made it to Wyoming!

I knew something was wrong when Og struggled down the trail toward me, instead of bounding as he usually did with trekking poles outstretched in greeting. “I’m really sick,” he said. “I can’t eat, and if I can’t eat, I can’t hike.” He looked as bedraggled as these trees. 

But with the indomitable spirit of the bald eagle in his photo above, Og made it over the CDT’s Colorado border into Wyoming. We succeeded in our goal of hiking from northern New Mexico to southern Wyoming, the section impassable because of snow last midsummer!  

I drove nine hours straight from Steamboat Springs, CO to pick up Og at the top of Battle Pass, WY, then across Wyoming and home to Boulder where he took a week off to recover from a viral gastroenteritus and exhaustion. 

But we’re not done yet! Since Og hiked the eastern side of the Collegiate Peaks when the western side was impassable with snow in late June, we’re now back to hike the higher, tougher, western side–the official CDT. Here we are, starting up at Monarch Pass.

Not to be outdone, Amber helped Nathan (the mascot of Tom and Sheila, see our previous post) earn his Boy Scout merit badge in kissing.



  1. Barbara Lee says:

    Congratulations…but, wait! Going back for more! Wishing both of you well.

  2. So glad Porter is alright and back on the trail! You are indeed a super trail angel! xoxo

  3. Brenda Liebling-Goldberg says:

    Glad Porter is OK — he’s lucky to have you looking after him!

    Love you both–

  4. Sallie Ann Hart says:

    What an amazing story of sheer determination and passion. Even in sickness. Whew! Your story will always continue,.The walk, hike, climb, incredible adventure, driven by love, will fill your lives forever.

  5. Frank Troy says:

    Porter, so sorry about your getting a virus–it makes your achievement even more heroic. Thanks, Gail, for another inspiring post to us fans of both of you.

    • Thanks, Frank. What’s amazing is he didn’t get sick sooner, spending so much time among goats, sheep, and other animals. He thinks he got some kind of virus from water that cows had been in. His filter froze and probably let in some nasties. He tested negative for giardia and cryptosporidium, thankfully. Hope your new book is getting close to publication, can hardly wait to see it!

  6. OMG He got sick and he’s still hiking the hard section. The man is now official THE MAN OF STEEL. The only way he’ll impress me more is if he starts to fly and use his x-ray vision. Such determination. Take care out there and here’s to completing the goal!!!!

    • Thank you, Jerrie, he’ll get a kick out your comment! Today Og is hiking one of the highest exposed ridges on the CDT, so if he flies it might be because of the wind! It was great to see you, Jon, and Oz at your potluck!

  7. Gail, thanks for the update. I’m high-fiving you both from my desk. Glad that OG has regained his strength and you’re on the move. Congratulations!

  8. Glad he made it! Nothing worse than being sick while exercising.

    • So true, Susie! That virus was debilitating, but he’s fine now! I continue to be in awe of your own adventures on your fabulous blog! Especially loved your yoga camp post.

  9. Sallie Greenwood says:

    Og wins the Perseverance gold medal and Amber the Nurse Florence Nightingale gold star and the cheering section/support group a class a shout out

  10. Pat Peterson says:

    Sorry Og got a bad bug! Glad you are both up and going again for the last lap. I think! Go Og!!

  11. Ellen Ross says:

    On the road again, congratulations to both of you! What a summer (and previous summers) you have had. So glad to hear that Og is once again his “young” self! You two are such great inspiration.

  12. Andrea Welch says:

    So glad to hear that Og is well and up and at em! Thank heavens you reached the Wyoming border and had time to recover before tackling the more difficult mtn.s down on the East side. I loved the photo of you two on either side of the Monarch pass sign (indicating the separation from the flow of water to the Atlantic and the Pacific). What a monumental, pivotal and positively perfect place from which to launch your next adventure! i also loved the girl scout patch that Amber earned with Tom and Shelia’s friend! Ha, I wish I had one of those patches on my girl scout sash 🙂 Wishing you both all the best for good health and safe travels. Keep the posts coming, we LOVE them!!

    • Thanks so much, Andrea! The East Boulder pool was closed the week we were home for Porter’s recuperation, or I would have loved to see you all in swim group! And we left Friday morning before the birthday brunch, or I would have come to that! Hugs to you all!

  13. kathleen genereux says:

    What stamina, determination, stick-to-itness…inspiring to me.

  14. Spencer's Studio says:

    Glad to hear he’s back to normal, and that you’re close by
    to help him on his ‘Way’.

  15. Juianne biehl says:

    So you did see the trees from fire north of Walden CO
    It the fire out?

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