Continental Divide Trail #16: Idaho!

We’ve completed Wyoming, and are now on the Idaho sections of the Continental Divide Trail!

We celebrated with dinner on the Snake River.

IDTwo hikers are safer than one, especially in grizzly country (see bear spray on Porter’s belt). Porter hikes now with David Breinke (trail-name Problem Bear). Here they are at the CDT border of Wyoming and Idaho.

    Porter in the Centennial Range of Idaho

Amber resorts to therapy from the bedpost bear at Angler’s Lodge. “This is my nineteenth hotel since we started March 26th! ‘Where the hell are we going now?’ I ask Gail when she puts me in my plastic travel bag. We load the car and drive forever on rocky dirt roads looking for Porter on top of mountains. If we get a flat tire, I’ll probably have to change it! We take Porter to our next town for his resupply. I introduce myself to the hotel staff, find out where they keep the cookies, and do Porter’s laundry. After that I need a drink. Pink wine.”

20 comments on “Continental Divide Trail #16: Idaho!

  1. Lots of fun to follow your journey, thanks for posting! Everyone looks healthy and happy (even though i only see the side of Amber’s face) hugs to you, Mary also glad Porter has a hiking pal through Griz country.

    • Marian, the Continental Divide Trail is a much more difficult trail than the Pacific Crest Trail, since it’s 500 miles longer, without any discernible trail in many sections, and more remote from towns, so we wouldn’t call it easier, but Porter has developed even more wilderness skills and I have too, as trail angel. And it certainly is stunningly beautiful, each section vastly different from another. Hope you’re having a wonderful summer too!

  2. Good to know that all is going well on the CDC for all three of you.

    You know that I love psychobabble. Am I correct in assuming that the Angler’s Lodge bedpost bear does non-intrusive therapy? That would be a lucky find, because, If so, he could accompany Amber wherever she goes as a kind of mental construct inside her head, and Amber could have very cost-effective (read “no cost”) therapy at any time. at her own convenience during meditation time. What a deal that is, and it’s particularly handy while traveling remote backwoods roads. Honestly, though, based on the transcript of her therapy session, it sounds like Amber is already very well adjusted and is comfortable with her self and her wine preferences. A bedpost bear therapist may for her be more of a luxury than a necessity. 😉

    Best wishes to all in this wonderful adventure.

    • “Frank, yes, my bedpost bear practiced decidedly non-intrusive therapy,” Amber says, “although he was a bit biased in favor of family systems theory if you ask me. Thank you, I’m very well adjusted, because after all, it’s all about moi!”

  3. Idaho!!!! My birthplace. Last state before Canada????
    Keep up the good work everyone. That includes Amber.

    • Fun to know you’re from Idaho, Jerrie–what town? We love Idaho! We’ve been moving west through the Centennial Range and Bitterroots, but the CDT soon turns east before heading north through Montana into Canada.

    • Good question, Jerrie, but since our trail-name for our hike of the Pacific Crest Trail was “Porter-and-Gail,” Porter is sticking with simply “Porter” for the CDT. If pressed, I’m guessing Porter would say “Porter-and-Gail” is still our mutual trail-name, since I’m a visible presence here in the trail towns. I’m now crossing paths with CDT thru-hikers, both north-bounders like Porter and south-bounders who started in Canada, we met on the PCT, which is wonderful fun.

  4. Great that Porter has a hiking buddy on this lag. Looks peaceful on the Snake River -love the orange streaks in your hair. Always with flair, Gail. I hope Amber finds pink wine and cookies. This supply angel’s angle (she’s yours 😉 ) can get challenging, esp in a plastic bag.

    • Yes, Sue, Amber’s angel angle can be challenging, but she’s up for it! Fortunately, she’s in a plastic bag only for short lengths of time to keep the road dust out of her pink hair! Thank you for following and for your always wise and benevolent response! Love from us all!

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