Continental Divide Trail #27: Knife-Edge Ridges, Wind, & Goats!

This section of the Continental Divide Trail, from Copper Mountain to Grays Peak, parted ways with the Colorado Trail to head north. Og (aka Porter) hiked knife-edge ridges with steep drop-offs on both sides.

He saw few other hikers but lots of wildlife, from marmots, ptarmigans, and ravens to mountain goats! 

He melted snow to drink, since water was scarce, at least until the storms moved in. 

Finding a flat enough spot to camp was a challenge. Here the wind was so fierce he had to use heavy rocks to hold down his staked tarp. 

I faced my own challenge–driving miles up a steep, deeply rutted jeep road to pick up Og at the Grays Peak trailhead. But it was my birthday, and I was determined to bring him back to celebrate with Amber and me over dinner at an excellent Frisco restaurant! 

Thank you for all your birthday wishes via email and Facebook! They warmed my heart, and reminded Og and me how grateful we are for your friendship.

8 comments on “Continental Divide Trail #27: Knife-Edge Ridges, Wind, & Goats!

    • Porter and I realize we’re each subject to catastrophic thinking on occasion, about our own adventures and each other’s. Part of the meditative awareness, and taking care is vital too! You and Jon take good care of yourselves, too.

  1. I love the way Porter is looking at you in that photo — you two are quite the pair!

    Love to you both,

  2. Glad you had fun! Party on! So, a lot of snow even now? wow. I’m getting in shape to hike just the Mt. Adams section along the PCT

    • Mary, it’s amazing how much snow there still is at these high elevations! And thank heaven, because without it there wouldn’t be the trickles of water that Og needs from the snow melting! Have a total blast on the Mount Adams section of the PCT!

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