Continental Divide Trail #17: The Bitterroot Mountains!

Porter is now climbing a succession of passes that straddle the Continental Divide between Idaho and Montana–Bannock, Lemhi, Big Hole, Chief Joseph and many others. It’s rough going, lots of challenges with navigation and thunderstorms . 
I drive up steep mountain roads to meet him for resupply.

This is a typical drive for me. I dropped off Porter at the top of Lemhi Pass, then drove a long way down on the dirt road that follows the Lewis and Clark Trail.

Sacajawea, who accompanied the Lewis and Clark Expedition as guide and interpreter, and her baby, Jean Baptiste, had a photo-op with Amber.

Over the course of his twenty-plus miles a day, Porter hikes above and below clouds and through wildflowers.

19 comments on “Continental Divide Trail #17: The Bitterroot Mountains!

  1. Oh, the photos are breathtaking! You look pretty great, too, with all your long-distance driving. What an adventure!!

  2. Your surroundings look marvelous! Stunning! Breathtaking! So glad everything is going well!

  3. Amazing feat for you and Porter. Long treks, drives in beauty, and sweet reunions. Between clouds and wildflowers there is a mountain man of depth, and of course Sacajawea’s loving energy. All so wonderful. You guys look great too. (Amber included)

  4. You guys are AMAZING!!!!! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos. Those wildflowers are beyond heavenly. Wishing you guys well on your continued adventure. May you have warmth and comfort always in your hearts even while amidst the elements. Journey on, brave pilgrims, journey on!

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