GDMBR #11: Why Are We Doing This? Wyoming

Why are Porter and I on this four-month, 2,700-mile Great Divide Mountain Bike Route adventure? It’s a fair question and one we’re often asked, in light of Porter’s bike exploding, grizzly bears, logging trucks on narrow mountain roads, getting lost in the wilderness, storms, and all manner of physical and emotional risks. Nearly 2,000 miles into it, we’ve been doing some soul-searching to counter weariness.  So why, here in Wyoming? 

Because wide open spaces, wildlife, wildflowers, the Tetons, windswept sky.

Because, well, love.  

Because Western wit.

“There is no Wyoming, there is only the journey,” Amber says, waiting for Porter to come biking and Gail to come trekking down the pass.


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  1. …and, maybe also a little ’cause you miss the really good stuff and some serendipity if you spend your time on the freeways of life?

      • I think you’re doing this in part to remind all those in your circle of friends that adventures are always possible


          • From my experience with you both , it seems clear that for some reason or many reasons Porter is called repeatedly to be in nature For long periods of time. You Gail as a loving partner notice this and support it and have found a way to partner with him in a way that’s fun for you. I think it’s a great model for how a partner can support the other’s dreams.

          • Tom, what a thoughtful response! Porter and I talked about it and it seems right on. It’s really important to us to support the other’s dreams, as you and Rosemary no doubt do too.

  2. Why? Such a wonderful question! One that deserves being asked of ourselves on a regular basis. The answers are often eye opening and revealing. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. The question isn’t, WHY? The question is “Why not?” The wilderness is out there to enjoy. We are an integral part of it–there is an energy and peace to be found there not available in urban settings. I believe that energy affects our spiritual hearts and our physical brains. You two are a wonderful team and I love how you DO it, not just dream about it. xo

    • You’re so right, Rosemary, about the energy and peace of the wilderness “affecting our spiritual hearts and our physical brains.” It’s stunningly palpable out here, as we know you know.

    • Philip, absolutely! Speaking of footwear, as I was driving away from dropping him off at the last pass, I happened to look in the rear view mirror to see him waving wildly at me–he’d left his bike shoes in the car. He wouldn’t have gotten too far biking in his tennis shoes, LOL!

  4. Love Wyoming’s wilderness. Spent 5 summers there, leading volunteer vacations to improve trails-Popo Agie and Fitzpatrick wilderness.

  5. Some days it is much better to ask am I actually present to what I am doing, rather than what am I doing something. It is the moments in my life that I have let overshadow me, engulf me, where I have been in them that have been worthwhile, and sometimes it has just been sitting by a lake. But sometimes it is on a journey. If you are present to the journey you will know why you are on it.

    • Tom, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your profound response–so true, and very deeply what Porter and I are feeling now. Presence is at the heart of our awareness, in the depths of our being. What we’re especially experiencing now is Presence not only with what we’re doing, but in our relating with other people, being truly present to the being.

  6. Gail, I believe that Love is truly the answer. How lucky you two are to be able to continue to share experiences that bring you even closer and intimate then ever. Challenges can be over come with love, leading to a deeper and closer connection while tackling the obstacles. Love is the key, and what better way to share life then to support each other! Humor is also a blessing. I enjoyed the sign in the Wyoming restaurant…. So true. And honesty…throw that in with the mix and life can be filled with appreciation. Hang in there you two. What a different, but wonderful journey you are on this summer! Every trip is unusual in its own way, but this summer has posed some unusual and even more difficult obstacles. Congrats on all of your accomplishments and carry on! We all love reading your posts, and seeing your fantastic photos! I alsoI especially enjoy Amber’s presence and patience 🙂 What a fabulous team, and the light at the end of the tunnel is approaching. Hugs are Enjoy!! Love, A

    • Andrea, thank you for your wonderful addition to this conversation with your insights about love, humor, honesty, and appreciation! And Amber sends hugs too!

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