Here’s our video of our whole crazy fun adventure hiking the CDT!

Continental Divide Trail #19: Susie Lindau’s Fitness Challenge!

Amber and I accepted Susie Lindau’s Wild Rider Fitness Challenge to get fit through outdoor adventure! Readers of my book, I Promise Not to Suffer: A Fool for Love Hikes the Pacific Crest Trail, know that I lost 22 pounds on 7,000 calories a day while hiking the PCT. But as trail angels supporting my husband Porter’s hike of the Continental Divide Trail, 3,100 miles from Mexico to Canada, we gotta have our own adventures while driving hours from trail-town to town and partying on the road.
We hiked in the Wind River Range of Wyoming!

Because hotel breakfasts.

We swam in hotel pools in Colorado.

cBecause margaritas in New Mexico!

We practiced yoga overlooking a river in Idaho.

Because hot fudge sundaes everywhere!

We climbed high passes for this view of the Tetons.

Because chocolate!

Amber and I recovered from our adventures in hot springs from New Mexico to Montana. Thanks, Susie! Fitness is a tough job but someone’s got to do it!

Continental Divide Trail #17: The Bitterroot Mountains!

Porter is now climbing a succession of passes that straddle the Continental Divide between Idaho and Montana–Bannock, Lemhi, Big Hole, Chief Joseph and many others. It’s rough going, lots of challenges with navigation and thunderstorms . 
I drive up steep mountain roads to meet him for resupply.

This is a typical drive for me. I dropped off Porter at the top of Lemhi Pass, then drove a long way down on the dirt road that follows the Lewis and Clark Trail.

Sacajawea, who accompanied the Lewis and Clark Expedition as guide and interpreter, and her baby, Jean Baptiste, had a photo-op with Amber.

Over the course of his twenty-plus miles a day, Porter hikes above and below clouds and through wildflowers.

Continental Divide Trail #16: Idaho!

We’ve completed Wyoming, and are now on the Idaho sections of the Continental Divide Trail!

We celebrated with dinner on the Snake River.

IDTwo hikers are safer than one, especially in grizzly country (see bear spray on Porter’s belt). Porter hikes now with David Breinke (trail-name Problem Bear). Here they are at the CDT border of Wyoming and Idaho.

    Porter in the Centennial Range of Idaho

Amber resorts to therapy from the bedpost bear at Angler’s Lodge. “This is my nineteenth hotel since we started March 26th! ‘Where the hell are we going now?’ I ask Gail when she puts me in my plastic travel bag. We load the car and drive forever on rocky dirt roads looking for Porter on top of mountains. If we get a flat tire, I’ll probably have to change it! We take Porter to our next town for his resupply. I introduce myself to the hotel staff, find out where they keep the cookies, and do Porter’s laundry. After that I need a drink. Pink wine.”