22 comments on “How to Glide on the Winds of Change

  1. Love this! What a perfect way to be courageous, and to inspire! From someone who retreats with a hot cup of tea to puzzle it out, in my best moments! Here’s to more gliding!

    • Indira, I love that you glide through awareness with a cup of tea! I was doing the same thing this morning, while reading Michael Singer’s book THE UNTETHERED SOUL. If you haven’t read it, I highly, highly recommend it, absolutely brilliant and clear.

  2. Freedom like that must be glorious, and I’m glad you and Porter “hung in there” together on that ride. You looked totally relaxed. Amazing.

  3. How come I never knew you did this, Gail? What a great way to celebrate getting off the down-to-earth grind of the trail. Take to the air! Porter looks so confident, and you look so relaxed. You guys never cease to amaze me.

    • Ya, paragliding in New Zealand worked out a lot better than my parasailing off the coast of Mexico, but I lived to tell the tale. ;-D

    • Wendy, Porter hiked the whole trail, and I hiked 900 miles before losing 22 lbs. in the snow of the High Sierra. I went home to eat chocolate, so rejoined Porter intermittently after that. My book, I PROMISE NOT TO SUFFER: A Fool for Love Hikes the Pacific Crest Trail, coming out this apring from Mountaineers Books, tells all. ;-D

  4. Wow!! You guys are both amazing!! What gorgeous photos!! And how wonderful you both look!!! (Indeed, the winds of change all-too-frequently blow in my direction, but I’ve always just reached for a Klonopin—paragliding looks infinitely more thrilling!!!)

    How I admire you guys!! Love, Brenda

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