18 comments on “EARTH DAY GREETINGS!

  1. Gail, you multi-media whiz! The photos and MUSIC lifted me over the top! Thanks for being you!

  2. Best celebration to date. Wish you were joining us at Lake Livingston this weekend with Ann, Don, Carla, Linda and assorted family & dogs. We miss you.

    • That’s sure to be a party! I’ll be there with you in spirit, for sure. Knock back some champagne for moi. Love to you all.

  3. Wonderful! I’m grinning. And TG the music wasn’t quiet, sappy “nature music”! 🙂 Smashingly effective way to put together images with unexpected sounds.

  4. What I like about our home planet is that we are on it at the same time you are! You’ve made it a lot more fun with your great sense of humor. Love to you and Porter, Delrena and Jim

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