The Making of a Thru-Hiker, Part 1 (WAM)

Welcome to my column for Women’s Adventure Magazine!

Gail Storey in tiaraI’m shocked—shocked!—that I undertook a thru-hike of the 2,663-mile Pacific Crest Trail with my husband, Porter, not to mention lived to tell the tale. I look at the photos of our hike and ask myself, who is that woman and how did she get there?

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9 comments on “The Making of a Thru-Hiker, Part 1 (WAM)

  1. Knowing you, nothing you undertake would be surprising. And we readers of I Promise Not to Suffer, are the better for your story–it inspires.

  2. Gail,

    I love how you portrayed who you and Porter before your union. It sets up the suspense for this awesome book… Needless to say, so glad you are intact and doing the book trailer together <3

  3. Ah, Gail — no one can write about romance and the great outdoors (and simultaneously to boot!) with as much charm as you do. After finishing your delightful article, I feel the urge to re-read your entrancing book all over again!!

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