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Continental Divide Trail #11: Wyoming!

We’re now on the CDT in Wyoming, approaching the Great Basin! From northern New Mexico, we leaped over Colorado for now because of the deep snowpack.

I was less than thrilled to leave Porter at the trailhead with this big storm coming in.

P's tarpPorter weathered the storm that night under his 7-oz. tarp by pitching it against the wind on a site with good runoff.

Sleet soaked the foot of his sleeping bag, though. Back in Rawlins for resupply, he attached his waterproof handmade shorts to the sleeping bag with buttons. He gets to wear them in daytime rain, and his sleeping bag gets to wear them at night!


Amber supervises the air-drying of Porter’s wool socks and folds laundry.  So a good time is being had by all.

Continental Divide Trail #10: New Mexico Moments

Porter has completed the New Mexico section of the Continental Divide Trail! Before we leap for now over Colorado because of the deep snowpack in the mountains and head for Wyoming, here’s a recap of significant moments from our seven weeks in New Mexico.


Porter’s most terrifying moment: crossing a wide river with fast current by balancing on this narrow log.




Gail invited to join Antler Club

Gail’s most ridiculous moment: trading two signed copies of I Promise Not to Suffer: A Fool for Love Hikes the Pacific Crest Trail for three tie-dyed shirts and being invited to join the Antler Club in Truth or Consequences.






Saddest moment
: Porter being quizzed by Search & Rescue Team for any clues about a missing hiker (presumed dead) in the snowy mountains of Northern New Mexico.





Gail’s most beautiful hike: to this ridge top high above Ghost Ranch.

Amber’s wildest ride: on these two spirit animals.

Amber rides LP horses

Vaya con Dios, New Mexico!


Continental Divide Trail #9: Red Rocks to On the Rocks

Porter & Gail at Los Poblanos

One of our favorite things before Porter gets back on the trail is to have a festive dinner, as we did at Los Poblanos Inn and Organic Farm.





Porter hikes north from Los Pinos Trailhead north of Cuba, NM

The hardest thing for me to do is drop off Porter at a remote trailhead, knowing he’ll face challenges alone that neither of us can anticipate, from rain, snow, and wind to steep climbs, lack of water, and navigational dilemmas.

The second hardest thing is locating him for resupply out in the middle of nowhere, our maps and technology notwithstanding. I drove up and down one road, only to drive off as he was waving frantically behind me. We always manage to find each other, though.

red rock cliffs in No. NM

The stunning beauty of the Northern New Mexico landscape, such as the many red rock cliffs that Porter climbed, and the thrill of our inner journeys, makes the not-knowing more than worth it.


Amber had a busy time in Santa Fe, visiting the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, shopping for gifts for her friends (including the two pairs of earrings she models here), and knocking back a margarita on the rocks at Maria’s.

Amber & earrings at Cafe Pasqual