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Continental Divide Trail #8: A Blizzard and A White Peacock

From inside Porter's tarp

Porter's tarp in snow






Porter got caught in a blizzard after climbing to 10,000 feet near Mount Taylor, NM. Here’s the view from inside his 7-oz. tarp, where he woke to a foot of snow, then dug himself out. Even his sleeping bag got soaked!


Snow hid the trail

The trail was hidden under snow, but he did all the right backcountry survival things.






Porter & Gail at Antiquity restaurant in Old Town Albuquerque



Here we are celebrating at Antiquity in Albuquerque.



Meanwhile, Amber fell in love with Albert, the White Peacock at Los Poblanos Inn and Organic Farm. He told her that he brings Eternal Happiness, which she could totally relate to.

Albert and Amber




Continental Divide Trail #7: Lava Fields and Lava Cake

Gail & Porter hike CDT at Acoma Zuni Trail lava fieldGail and Porter hiked through the El Malpais National Monument in freezing rain. Malpais is Spanish for badlands, for the barren landscape of ancient volcanic lava. P hiked miles across lava fields



The going was tough, so Porter went on alone.



Gail at La Ventana Arch, El Malpais National Monument outside Grants, NM

We also hiked to see La Ventana Natural Arch.

Gail & Porter at La Ventana restaurant, Grants, NM






We celebrated at La Ventana restaurant in Grants, NM with margaritas, dinner, and lava cake! Porter is a little the worse for wear from the past month’s challenges of terrain and weather, but his heart shines with happiness and love for this glorious trail.

Amber wearing her crown of raffle tickets before diving into a brownie sundae at CDT Trail Days and Kick Off, Silver City, NM

Amber, still wearing her halo of raffle tickets from the CDT Trail Days and Kick Off, drinks a beer and gets ready to dive two-handed and two-spooned into her hot fudge brownie sundae.


Continental Divide Trail #6: Hot Springs and 200 River Crossings

Porter entering the Gila wilderness


Porter entered the Gila Wilderness with considerable trepidation–ten days of solo navigating of flood-damaged canyons. He had to cross the Gila River more than 200 times, often in fast current.

Gila River





Amber & Gail in hotsprings


Meanwhile, Amber contemplated joining Gail in the Riverbend Hot Springs in Truth or Consequences, NM.

Amber meditates by Rio Grande





She opted to meditate in a flower pot overlooking the Rio Grande instead.


Continental Divide Trail #5: Would You Drink This?

Porter had to find water on his next hiking section from Lordsburg to Silver City, NM, since there weren’t any water caches. Would you drink water from these sources??

natural pool w:horse prints to, Lordsburg-Silver City NM section

natural pool with horse prints

cattle trough

cattle trough





Porter's RapidPure filtering water

Porter’s RapidPure filtering water


algae-covered cattle spring

algae-covered spring for cattle








Me neither! But he filtered water with his trusty RapidPure.



at CDT Trail Days, Little Toad Brewery, Silver City, NMHappily, he made it into Silver City for beer at the CDT First Annual Trail Days and Kick Off at the Little Toad Creek Brewery & Distillery! Here we are with Teresa Martinez, Executive Director of the Continental Divide Trail Coalition.

It was a great party, and a good time was had by all, CDT hikers and supporters alike.

Continental Divide Trail #4: From Mexican Border to Lordsburg, NM

Porter & Philip emerge Animas Rd.

Porter and Philip emerged victorious from the first 80+ mile section of the CDT from the border of Mexico to Lordsburg, NM. “The Continental Divide Trail is a figment of someone’s imagination,” they said, “no trail whatsoever, just bushwhacking in and out of rocky ravines, dodging cactus, searching for the rare CDT sign–often blown over or attached to a barbed wire fence we had to scramble through.” Their scariest encounter was with a border patrol agent with flak jacket, automatic weapons, and ammo clips galore, who demanded “Don’t you have anything to defend yourselves with?” They gestured with their trekking poles. The danger is past now, further from the border. They hiked 24 miles one day to get to the water we’d dropped off, and had a great time. Philip became a master chef with the 4-oz frying pan, turning out cheese biscuits, cornbread, and hash browns.

Gail meditates at Quality Inn



Meanwhile, back at the Quality Inn in Deming, NM, I meditated.


Drs. Philip, Porter, Amber




Dr. Philip Storey, Ophthalmology Resident, operated on the blisters of Dr. Porter Storey, EVP Emeritus of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, after Dr. Amber Storey, Surgeon Doll General of the United States, declared the latter’s feet a Federal Disaster Area.

Happy Easter and Happy Passover!